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"Mr President, I would like to start by congratulating Mr Coelho on his excellent work and, in particular, on the high level of consensus achieved between the Council, the Commission and the different political groups in Parliament. Thanks to his work, I think there is going to be very little disagreement here. The European Union constitutes the greatest space of freedom that has ever been established. We should eliminate all of the obstacles that prevent free movement, both of European citizens and of third-country nationals legally residing in a Member State. We should put a definitive end to the absurd situations so often faced by holders of long-stay D visas. As you know, a long-stay visa allows the holder to reside in the Member State that has issued it. However, the holders of such visas cannot move freely within the European Union except to travel to the Member State that issued the visa. Paradoxically, situations such as the ones already described arise very frequently. I will give one further example: a student preparing his PhD thesis in Lisbon on the history of the Americas is unable to consult the files and documents housed in the General Archive of the Indies in Seville, which is one hour away by plane. Ultimately, the aim of the proposal is for long-stay visas to provide the same rights as those provided by a residence permit. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to improve the principle of mobility: mobility that is essentially for work, scientific and academic purposes. Although it would appear completely unnecessary from what I can see, I shall finish by asking all of you to support Mr Coelho’s report, not only because of its extremely high quality but also because it constitutes a further guarantee of the great space of free movement that we defend. I also support Mr Coelho’s proposed timetable."@en1

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