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"Madam President, Mr Barroso, Mr Van Rompuy, the crisis in the European economy is so deep that we have to expect very specific proposals in this situation –. specific proposals along the lines of those put forward here by various speakers. European economic governance has been called for in many different ways by Parliament. Provide a proposal for how the risks relating to the high levels of debt can be distributed so that Greece and other countries are not crushed by high interest rates. Provide a proposal – as called for by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs yesterday – for how we can tackle the imbalances. It is not only the countries with the deficits that need to be penalised and to make changes. Reforms also need to be made in the countries that have excessive surpluses. We need European statistics that are independent and we need to take effective measures to prevent tax competition. Such proposals have been put forward in Parliament. It is now up to you to finally put these things on the table."@en1

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