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"If the forecasts presented just now by Mr Moreira are right, then the predicted decline in world trade will be the biggest since the Second World War. It goes without saying that both Member States of the European Union and countries which do not belong to the Community are taking measures to increase competitiveness and overcome the effects of the crisis. Research carried out by the Centre of Economic Policy Research has shown that since the first meeting of the Group of Twenty devoted to the crisis, 425 legislative initiatives have been undertaken to combat the effects of the crisis. Some countries have resorted to protectionist practices, while others are trying to liberalise trade. In view of the fact that the economy is a system of connected vessels, is the European Commission monitoring legislative initiatives being undertaken both within the European Union and around the world? Does the European Commission, when taking anti-crisis measures, take these into account? As protectionist and liberalising measures accumulate, a situation will arise in which they are mutually exclusive and will have no effect on world trade."@en1

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