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"Mr President, in the light of today’s debate, the use of body scanners at airports still leaves many questions unanswered. The safety of travellers is, of course, paramount, but we should not forget the need for a sense of proportion in the protective methods used. Use of this type of equipment still leaves a series of unanswered questions. What effect do the scanners have on the health of passengers who are scanned? How will protection of the images of people who are scanned be guaranteed? Is it not better to tighten up the existing system than spend billions of euros on equipment, when it is known that the equipment does not detect explosives concealed inside the human body? We should be against the compulsory introduction of scanners at European airports until we have heard answers to these questions. Finally, I have a comment – I have the impression that we have found a solution, and now we are looking for a problem for it to solve. It may be that scanners are a solution, but they certainly will not solve the problem of security at airports."@en1

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