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"Mr President, thank you for applying the House’s Rules of Procedure with generosity, and allowing the two representatives to speak, firstly from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, and secondly from the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats). Mr Rubalcaba, you have put your finger on it. Most of the arguments put forward for debate in the House have been fair ones. I have great respect for everything that has been said. However, these words should have a documental and informative component, with full knowledge of the facts, and frankly, I have been very surprised to hear certain statements that suggest otherwise. Such statements give the impression that very few people have actually read the agreement that they are criticising, since having read it, there is no way they could have come up with some of these arguments. That is why I want to ask you, Mr Rubalcaba, about the matter mentioned by my colleague, Mr Manfred Weber, and by Mrs Hennis-Plasschaert in her letter (as you already know I am in favour of keeping the interim agreement whilst negotiating a new agreement). In her letter, Mrs Hennis-Plasschaert asks the same question as Manfred Weber. Can the Council guarantee to Parliament that with the participation of this House, it will present the final text of the new agreement, in committee in June, and in plenary in July?"@en1

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