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"Mr President, I reject the methods and the time used for this agreement. Parliament’s role is an essential part of the Treaty of Lisbon and it should be respected by all parties concerned. Moving on to the substance of this issue: the greatest damage a democratic society can do to terrorism is to cut off its financial resources. That is why the interim agreement should remain in place while the definitive agreement is urgently negotiated. On at least nine proven occasions, SWIFT and TFTP have demonstrated their effectiveness and value in preventing and suppressing terrorist activities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, in relation to the text of the interim agreement and data protection. Which report should prevail, ladies and gentlemen? That of the European Data Protection Supervisor or those of the special Judge, for both are well-founded yet contradictory. No, ladies and gentlemen, we have neither held a debate nor reached a solution on this issue. The wording of the interim agreement guarantees rights. It states that data provided shall be processed exclusively for the prevention of terrorism or its financing; that no copies of data provided shall be made; that data provided shall not be interconnected with any other database; and that only public security authorities shall have access to data. I trust the government of the United States and the great democracy by which it is established. We have an obligation to strengthen our relations with that country, for we are natural, mutually reliable partners. For all these reasons, I support a House vote in favour of the interim agreement and I welcome the very positive move Parliament has made to assert its authority, and the fact that Mrs Clinton and Mr Geithner have acknowledged that authority as an indispensable element now and in the future. Finally, Mr President, the Council and the Commission know what is expected of them. An interinstitutional agreement is urgently needed."@en1

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