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"I am pleased at the optimistic tone of Mrs Ashton’s speech, but I would rather maintain a certain caution in my assessment of the situation in Iraq. Despite many appearances, the country is still internally unstable, and democracy most certainly cannot be said to have ‘taken root’. We cannot speak of stabilisation in a country within whose borders 1.8-1.9 million residents have been displaced, while a further million have left the country altogether, and the conditions under which the refugees are living are extremely poor. It is essential to review the methods currently being used to supply foreign aid to refugees in Syria and Jordan and displaced people inside Iraq. This aid needs to be supplied for a sufficiently long period of time. How long? This we still do not know. However, just as a doctor does not stop treatment at the first signs of improvement, we, too, must not allow ourselves to be misled by over-optimistic prognoses."@en1

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