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"Mr President, Baroness Ashton, ladies and gentlemen, you, Baroness, have drawn a dramatic picture of the situation in this great country which has a great history, a great culture, and a great civilisation. There is the suppression of dissent and of the opposition, there are very serious restrictions on civil rights, there are infringements of freedoms, there is a worrying nuclear programme and there is a threat relating to Israel and peace. Unfortunately, I have not understood which initiatives Europe intends to implement in order to put an end to this situation, to defend peace, freedom and civil rights. I hope that in the debate’s conclusions, you can list some facts and some initiatives, some positions to be taken, and perhaps also reply to the suggestion made by Mr Scurria. Mr President, as for Parliament, I am part of a delegation which struggled to obtain permission from the Iranian Government to go to Iran, which, when it had to cancel the trip as a protest, was not able to do so, and which also suffered the shame of being forbidden by Iran from visiting. I am in favour of dialogue with Iran, but the Italian Parliament and the delegation must forcefully set out our position regarding the defence of freedom and the rights which are under threat."@en1

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