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"Today, we have adopted a European Union budget for 2010 amounting to almost EUR 123 billion. Every budget is a kind of compromise. Perhaps many of us are conscious of its deficiencies, but it is worth stressing that the average citizen of the EU gains by the document adopted today. Above all, the European Union is strengthening its energy security and is banking on the development of businesses, and particularly of micro-enterprises. I am pleased that EUR 20 million has been reserved for the Baltic Sea Strategy. It is true that the reserve funds will be released only when the European Commission presents written proposals for their use. I do believe, however, that this will happen as quickly as possible. I am particularly pleased by the inclusion in the budget of three projects which are important to my country. I am thinking of the support for the Special Olympics, which will be held in Warsaw and Athens, grants for young people from countries included in the programme of the European Neighbourhood Policy and establishment of the Bronisław Geremek Chair of European Civilisation at the College of Europe in Natolin."@en1

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