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"Madam President, if there is one thing that we really do not need in the bitter reality being experienced in Afghanistan, it is pretentious speeches. I am looking in your direction, Baroness Ashton, when I say that. You talked about the Member States being committed to the police training mission EUPOL. Is that really the case? If so, how can it be that we still do not even have the 400 police officers in place? That is a mixture of disingenuousness and absurdity. Are we being honest in what we say? As far back as two years ago it was stated in the European Security Review that the low number of police instructors calls into question the reality of Europe’s commitment. Why are we not financing the trained police officers to prevent them from joining the warlords or the Taliban? It would not cost much and it would be very efficient. I have the impression, Baroness Ashton, that Europe is full of high-sounding talk, but it is shameful how small and inadequate its actions are."@en1

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