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"Madam President, I would like to start by asking to borrow some words that I am going to make my own. The crucifix is not a sign of imposition. It is a symbol that represents positive values, which are part of our history, our culture and a society that dates back more than 2 000 years. We cannot claim to protect fundamental rights by denying the very values that created them. Democracy works through freedom and respect, facilitating the exercise of rights, not through imposition or limitation. Yes of course, the principle of subsidiarity must be respected and recognised by all European institutions, organisations and courts, especially freedom, whether it is freedom of opinion or freedom of belief. The authority of the Member States to display religious symbols in public places as a symbol that represents the traditions and identity of their peoples should not and cannot be infringed. Freedom is an essential element of our society and the basic pillar on which the single area of freedom, security and justice is built. If it were to be limited or censored, the very foundations of the European Union would collapse."@en1

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