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"Mr President, I take it for granted that the European Parliament will speak out when it is possible to save people from execution and, therefore, I support the call for a moratorium on the death penalty. However, the process of defending human rights must not be misused for the purpose of lecturing China from a position of moral superiority, calling China’s integrity into question or creating an absurd caricature of the reality of life in China. This does not help those people in China who are working on behalf of human rights, freedom and social harmony. Our goal must be to help these people and not to encourage European self-righteousness. I am also opposed to including a positive reference to the Memorandum on Genuine Autonomy for the Tibetan People in an urgent resolution. That is not relevant and it has nothing directly to do with human rights. In addition, it is not a generally acceptable position. I would like there to be a wide-ranging discussion in future before an EU-China Summit on the relationship between China and the EU, covering all the subject areas."@en1

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