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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, this year, we are not only celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall and the peaceful revolution, but 1989 was also the year that saw the death of Andrei Sakharov, who played a significant part in the fall of the totalitarian Eastern Bloc system. Andrei Sakharov also left us the advice that his country needs understanding and pressure – emphatic pressure. However, I would not translate the word as pressure these days, but rather as emphatic support and, indeed, emphatic support in all areas where Russia is moving towards modernisation and where the signs of a social market economy, democracy and the rule of law are beginning to emerge. Russia’s President Medvedev recently expressed his concern about the stagnation and problems in his country and called for support for his efforts to bring about reform. That is something we should provide, if it is a genuine request. This includes the involvement of Russia in international regulatory frameworks like the WTO and the Energy Charter. For that reason, we must not create any unnecessary obstacles. Russia also needs to acknowledge that it cannot deal with this crisis on its own. However, as Václav Havel said earlier today, partnership also requires us to tell each other the whole truth. I would therefore like to say this: where elections are falsified, even the concept of steered democracy begins to create cynicism, and therefore the monitoring of elections is extremely important. Where critical journalists are murdered, the truth also dies. We are not making any progress with our ‘change through trade’ approach. Instead, we must place our relationship with Russia on a firm basis of values."@en1

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