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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, possibly the political situation in Moldova will relax tomorrow as a result of the election of a president supported by the Coalition for European Integration. Otherwise, as we have heard, new early elections will have to be held and, if it comes to that, the EU should provide constructive help. This cannot, of course, be limited to observing the elections and I should like here to address the problem of how voter participation can be increased and the result can be made more transparent. Around one million Moldovans work and live abroad in the west, especially in Italy, Portugal and Austria. Their percentage of participation in the elections was in single figures at the last elections and there are logical reasons for that. For example, in Italy, it was only possible to vote in Rome and Bologna and numerous Moldovans scattered around the country did not make use of this opportunity due to the cost involved. We, the European Parliament, the Commission, the Council and also the Moldovan Government, should ensure that more ballot boxes and special polling stations are set up at the next elections, so that Moldovans living abroad can take part in these elections, because it is from them that we can expect a clear commitment to Europe, which is why I should like to direct your attention, your focus, not only to economic and financial support, but also to the need for us to provide conscious and constructive political support."@en1

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