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"Madam President, Minister, Commissioner, the fourth meeting of the Transatlantic Economic Council represents the ideal opportunity for this forum to turn over a new page. The TEC must be more ambitious. Both parties to the transatlantic dialogue agree that overcoming the economic crisis and combating climate change are our overriding priorities. Now it is a question of agreeing on a specific agenda for the TEC which reflects these priorities. Collaborating on innovations for the development of low-carbon economies and energy efficient societies is particularly important. In addition, it is also important to involve various stakeholders more closely, such as the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue, a forum consisting of 80 consumer organisations. These organisations could help to make consumer protection a central theme in the dialogue about regulation of the financial markets. The objective of establishing a common transatlantic market by 2015 may be too ambitious, but it must be judged on the basis of the fact that it will improve the lives of people on both sides of the Atlantic. This is why the Greens are in favour of a transatlantic new deal."@en1

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