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"Mr President, I congratulate and support Carlos Coelho, and I would like to point out that this report was adopted unanimously in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. Mr President, another question: I have just seen the Vice-President putting on a pullover, and it is freezing cold here. I must excuse myself because I have to leave, but I am not leaving because I do not want to follow the debate, but because I am starting to get bronchitis, which is no good at all, so I would be grateful if you could do something about it Mr President. The Council’s proposal has a bearing on the second part of the mandate given to the Schengen Evaluation Working Group, which is to confirm that the acquis communautaire is being correctly applied following the lifting of internal border controls. The aim of this mandate is to make the Schengen evaluation mechanism more efficient. Evaluation of the correct application of the Schengen acquis has a legal basis in third pillar elements, while other aspects of the acquis have their legal basis in first pillar instruments. In my view, the proposed legal basis is correct, but it does not seem to be very consistent with the more than significant entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, when the functions and powers currently shared between the two pillars will be consolidated. The proposal scarcely contains any new elements that differentiate it from the evaluation mechanism that is currently in force, and Carlos has mentioned them However, it introduces a change that is obviously significant, as the document that is before us would mean transferring the functions currently carried out by the Council to the Commission. This transfer of powers means that Parliament and the Member States themselves are sidelined in the evaluation process, despite the fact that they are the ones with power over the security of their external borders. Parliament, which represents European citizens, plays an essential, leading role in security matters. Our task is important, and this is recognised in the Treaty of Lisbon. Consequently, Mr President, what we want is to wait three months, because if we wait three months, there will be no need to reopen the case."@en1
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