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"Mr President, in view of the increasing amount of freight moving from the north to the south of the continent, and the insufficient number of transport corridors, I should like to underline the significance of the Central European Transport Corridor, CETC Road 65. This encompasses road, inland waterway and rail transport through an area which links the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic and runs from Sweden through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. The corridor would be an axis of regional development for the entire area through which it runs. It would fully accord with the principles of intermodality and would have a balanced influence on the natural environment. It would help increase the tempo of social and economic development in a large part of the European Union by increasing speed and volumes of trade between countries of the Baltic Sea region and countries of the Mediterranean and Adriatic region. It is my duty as an MEP, but also as a specialist who has been associated with the transport industry for years, to ask for support for the CETC project. It fully deserves to be included in the existing TNT network of Pan-European Transport Corridors."@en1

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