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"Mr President, I thank the Commissioner for his speech. I have several concerns. The first is that the Committee on Development in this House drafted a motion for a resolution. I quote from that. It ‘notes with great concern that the crisis already bears major human costs, and has devastating effects for the vulnerable in the poorest countries with an expected increase of 23 million more unemployed, up to 90 million more extreme poor in 2009 alone, life-saving drug treatment for up to 1.7 million people under threat, and 200 000-400 000 more infant deaths per year on average between 2009 and 2015’. Unfortunately, this motion was not passed, although it was written together by all groups of this House. We strongly deplore and we think it is a shame that this House was not able to draft a resolution on the G20 on development issues. The big question is how to finance the consequences of the crisis, and there the German Minister of Finance, together with the Chancellor, suggested that the G20 discuss the possibility of a global transaction tax. I ask the Commission, and I also ask the Presidency of the Council. Do you support this proposal? The second question is about tax havens. The G20 wants to tackle it on the basis of case-by-case information exchange. We know that this will not work. The Development Committee suggested a country-by-country reporting regime so that transnational corporations have to report back on a country-by-country basis. We suggest introducing automatic information exchange so that information really flows between the different countries. A global financial system needs transparency. We also want to know your position on these concrete proposals to get out of the crisis and finance the consequences."@en1

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