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"Mr President, the depth of the crisis in Europe was caused not simply by unethical behaviour on the financial markets, Mr Barroso. Other causes include growing social inequality, dangerous macro-economic imbalances between the Member States, which led to a lack of solidarity, and Europe’s dependency on rising resource prices. The citizens of Europe deserve a Commission which repeatedly puts these deeper causes back on the agenda instead of turning them into taboos, instead of doing the opposite and instead of shifting the responsibility on to the Member States. We need properly coordinated economic and fiscal policies in Europe. We need collaboration on tax in Europe, which will put an end to tax dumping. Only then will it be possible to stop the spread of social divisions and to finance the environmentally friendly investments that are needed. We need a policy which consistently promotes green technologies and lifestyles in order to bring about a rapid reduction in the EU’s dependence on finite resources. This will represent a green environmental revolution. I cannot find any of these things in your programme, Mr Barroso, which is why I cannot vote for you."@en1

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