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"Mr President, we are having this debate on the basis of the universal nature of human rights, but also on the basis of the need for a global partnership. A harmonious society has been mentioned. That is one of the slogans of the Communist Party of China, but it is also something more: it reflects a deep hope of the Chinese people. A harmonious society is not simply the same as masking authoritarian relations. I believe it could be our job to support the Chinese people in their realisation of a harmonious society. A partnership involves speaking out clearly. When we talk about Xinjiang the word ‘Uighurs’ should also be mentioned. However, clear speaking is not the same as being confrontational – we should avoid that. I would like to say one last thing to Mr Posselt. He spoke of separatism. Now, I know Mr Posselt that your Bavarian party knows something about this, but I think that we should instead follow Mr Brok and talk about continuing with the One China policy."@en1

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