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"Mr President, everything of importance that needs to be said on this important text for air transport and for the people who depend on air transport, either as employees or passengers, has already been said. Just not by me. So I have deliberately chosen not to repeat what has already been said, but I would like to take this opportunity to say something about the crisis. Mr Tajani, you pointed out that this was not the first and, unfortunately, would probably not be the last crisis in the aviation industry that we, as well as the aviation industry, would have to deal with. It is right that we react quickly in such critical situations and try to find sensible solutions. We have managed to do that. But we should not hide the fact that the crisis has also sometimes been used, is being used and will be used as a pretext to organise regulations that do not really serve the aviation industry or people but specific interests. In the Denied Boarding Directive, with its relatively imprecise wording on the issue of ‘extraordinary circumstances’, we gave airlines the opportunity to interpret this notion very extensively. That is precisely what they are doing – at the expense of passengers. In this directive, we also neglected to impose fines for delays. In the last weeks and months in particular, airlines have exploited the fact they do not have to pay for delays but basically only have to grant minimum rights to passengers – again at the expense of passengers. We should not make the same mistake again. I therefore ask that, in the next parliamentary term, you, or those who will take over this dossier, submit a proposal to change this legal text. On another point, this is also my last day of school in this House, as it is for many fellow Members. On the first day of school you normally get a school bag. Perhaps on the last day there will also be a bag of sweets. Mr Tajani, I would like to request a ‘sweet’. Please do away with the nonsense we created at that time with the regulation on liquids and security checks at airports as quickly as possible. This regulation has been of benefit to no one and has protected no one. It has only caused anger. Just because no one is brave enough and resolute enough to tell people this and to carry out this abolition, we are all still suffering under this unspeakable regulation. Please fill this school bag and do away with this nonsense. I sincerely thank all of you with whom I have had the privilege of working in the last few years."@en1

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