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"Mr President, the Eurodac system is used to collect fingerprints from asylum seekers. Although we acknowledge that an attempt is being made to improve the previous operating framework of Eurodac, we still have doubts on two major issues: firstly, respect for the fundamental rights of the people coming to Europe for a better future in that, basically, these are ‘Euro police records’, with which we categorically disagree. Secondly, whether the measures being adopted are in keeping with the basic principles of the Union itself, such as, for example, personal data protection, and whether the measures provided for are in keeping with the principle of proportionality. We do not agree with the fingerprinting of children of 14 years of age. The measures being proposed and with which we disagree prevent asylum seekers from asking another Member State for a second chance if they are rejected by the first one, at a time when, as we all know, asylum procedures always include a degree of subjectivity which may turn out to the detriment of a person who has already been victimised. Since this is my last speech to this House, I would like to thank you, all colleagues and staff for their cooperation."@en1

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