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"Mr President, service-providing enterprises are there for the users of these services and not primarily for the service providers themselves. In this light, it is important that we lay down the appropriate rules for the users of all means of transportation and ensure that the services they are using are also of suitable quality. In this context – and here I am only taking up something that is mentioned time and again – it is very important that we look after the rights of persons with reduced mobility in particular. As I see it, one issue is now almost in perpetual motion in this connection. Let me tell you, it is not only those with a disabled persons’ identity card who are incapacitated. Parents – adults with young children – certainly also need support from our rules on all our modes of transport. I hope that this also gains acceptance in one form or another. My second point is that even the best rules and safeguards are of no use if the information on them is hidden in the furthermost corner of the transport operator concerned. The place for information on passenger rights is at the ticket counters themselves, or on board the buses, coaches, aeroplanes and similar modes of transport themselves. My third and final point is that we had started to lay down rules on air passengers’ rights in the interests of passengers, but were too lenient. What airlines get up to, particularly in connection with delays, announcing that the last aircraft arrived late and so the next has been delayed, is no longer acceptable. We should have resolved the matter with high compensation payments at the time, which would have achieved an effect similar to that achieved for denied boarding. Now, unfortunately, this effect is not being achieved. It is not when an aircraft is cancelled because it is half-empty. There are many tasks for the next Commission in this regard. Vice-President, if you take on this portfolio again in the next Commission, I would urge a revision of air passengers’ rights. This is urgently needed."@en1

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