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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we have now been debating the subject of Turkmenistan for three-and-a-half years in various committees in this House. There are European Treaties by which Parliament, too, must abide, even if we do not always like it. Today, we have managed to obtain, in the Council and Commission statements, the assurances that are possible within the framework of the European Treaties. The Commission and the Council have agreed to seriously consider following Parliament’s lead when it delivers opinions and possibly even calls for the suspension of the agreement. As we all know, unfortunately, this is all Parliament can hope for within the scope of the European Treaties. There is one mistake we should not make, and that is to hold our relations with a country hostage in order to obtain more power for the European Parliament. I urge you to recognise the statements by the Council and the Commission. That was all that could be hoped for. Against this background and in these circumstances, I would ask you to support the signing of the agreement."@en1

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