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"Madam President, the current economic crisis has again turned the spotlight on our firm position on the need for regulation, not deregulation of mergers between and the establishment of multinationals and other companies, the need for changes to antitrust legislation and the need for intervention to prevent monopolies and cartels which, among other things, manipulate the market, set prices and make workers redundant and which are driven solely by the profit motive. Citizens can see the results of growth without any social face which, instead of creating permanent jobs, aims to further concentrate wealth and power into the hands of a few. The liberalisation of the financial markets, which is the standard policy of the right and others, has caused a deep economic wound which directly affects the people. Given that, up to a year ago, the political advocates of deregulation and adversaries of government regulation were boasting about the state of the economy, allow me to remind you that it was precisely these policies that resulted in waves of poverty and inequality, in negative growth in the economy and in profiteering by food companies, which made profits in the order of 40 billion each in 2008. However, the citizens will send a message to those who created the crisis and, with it, the inequalities."@en1

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