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"Migration to Europe is a phenomenon which has been going on constantly for a long time, and is fostered by factors such as significant material differences in standard of living between Europe and other regions of the world. Europe definitely needs a common approach to immigration in the EU. The failure of one Member State to act may have a direct influence on other States. Bad management of migration may have serious consequences for the countries of origin and for the immigrants themselves. We should be aware that legal immigration is a beneficial phenomenon which brings opportunities to many different groups. Migrants have played a very significant role in the development of the European Union in recent decades, and the EU still needs their work. In connection with this a common political vision is necessary, which is based on past achievements and also has reference to the future. To achieve that objective, more effective cooperation is needed. There are many people who risk their lives or their health to cross the new southern and eastern borders of the EU in particular. Thousands of them die at sea, while they are looking for a better life. Immigration is one of the most serious challenges which Europe currently faces, and how we respond to it depends on us. We can turn it into an opportunity, or we can do harm to many people by handling it wrongly."@en1

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