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"Mr President, Minister, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I also welcome the opportunity to thank all those who took part in the debate, which revealed broad agreement over the work carried out in the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. The debate also offered more insights, additional stimuli and further suggestions that I hope will be valuable to the Commission and Member States as they fulfil their duties. By carrying out this debate and taking the vote today, Parliament has practically fulfilled its commitment on these two important matters. Now it is the turn of the Commission to have its say: I was delighted to hear the three statements made on the record by the Commissioner. We expect the Commission to perform its study on food very specifically so that any possibility of misunderstandings between this label and organic products can be ruled out. We look forward to the regulation on fish products – and the Committee on Fisheries awaits it with particular eagerness. I thank the Committee on Fisheries for helping us through this very difficult time. I call the Commission’s attention to the exemptions for toxic products: proceed with great care and great caution. As far as the promotional campaign is concerned, we hope that the Commission’s campaigns are effective and targeted in order to reach the general public and particularly young people. We hope that the firm deadlines we tried to establish will be respected and that the reduction in animal testing will also be respected. I am left with just one small concern and regret: perhaps we could have done more about contracts. That is a job for next time."@en1

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