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"Madam President, today we feel collective grief and sorrow for the death of so many immigrants who were hopeful, desperate, and also perhaps deceived. They are innocent victims of a situation that they did not choose, of circumstances that were imposed upon them. I know the problem well. The Mediterranean and the Atlantic Canary seaboard have become pathways towards a non-existent ‘El Dorado’ for many people who have nothing, full of risks in transit, and frustrations and penalties upon arrival. The European Union and the Member States have to be more sensitive to avoid such tragedies. We do a lot but it achieves nothing. The results are extremely harsh, as we have seen on the coasts of Libya, and must make us consider the limited effectiveness of our policies. There are no magic recipes for finding absolutely effective solutions to such tragedies, but there are persistent and determined policies. We have to encourage solid policies of cooperation with countries of origin and of transit; cooperation and collaboration must be two sides of the same coin. We need to better organise and publicise the benefits of legal immigration in a concerted way, even in times of crisis. We must collaborate and cooperate with the countries of origin and transit regarding the control of their borders, on the basis of detailed agreements. We must also hunt out traffickers from their networks with intelligence and specialised forces, and at the same time toughen up criminal laws in the destination countries. We need to better equip the External Borders Fund; EUR 1 820 million over seven years is clearly an insufficient amount by any stretch of the imagination. We must also successfully strengthen Frontex, and ensure that the catalogue of equipment, CRATE (Centralised Record of Available Technical Equipment), is not a statement of intention, but rather an efficient tool for the coordinated control and surveillance of the critical pressure points of clandestine activity. Commissioner, Nautilus and EUR 24 million mean more commitment and more equipment. We should stop saying ‘we must’, and so take on this tough responsibility, with or without global agreement."@en1

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