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"I voted in favour of the Auken report on the impact of extensive urbanisation in Spain on individual rights of European citizens, on the environment and on the application of EU law, on the basis of petitions which I have received. There is a great deal of evidence which shows that excessive urbanisation is being carried out in coastal areas, and responsibility for this lies with central, autonomous and local authorities. They have set in motion a model for unsustainable development that has had extremely serious environmental, social and economic consequences. As a result of this activity, irretrievable damage has been caused to the biodiversity and environmental integrity of many regions of Spain. In response to such charges procedures are slow and sentences handed down do not provide satisfaction to the victims. This has caused people to have reservations about the Spanish justice system. It should also be emphasised that thousands of European citizens, who bought property in Spain in a variety of circumstances, have become victims of abuses connected with urbanisation. These abuses were committed by local authorities, but as a result the properties face demolition. In connection with these facts the Spanish Government should be called upon to carry out a thorough review of legislation affecting the rights of individual property owners as a result of massive urbanisation, in order to bring an end to the abuse of rights and obligations enshrined in the EC Treaty."@en1

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