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"Mr President, there is a large consensus in this House that we must provide better protection for consumers, particularly where, in the case of small losses for individuals, large numbers of these losses cause a problem, because they cannot see any possibility of a meaningful individual claim. The question is how should consumer protection and the improvement of the same be organised? In this regard, I think it is very important – and I am very grateful to the Commission for this – that we should quite deliberately say that we want to examine all of the alternatives and all of the aspects of this complex issue and only after careful consideration decide on the solutions. I would like to address one aspect in this context that has not yet been mentioned. We have already found – and in future this may increasingly be the case – that, for many non-governmental organisations and many consumer protection associations, the possibility of arranging mass claims is becoming advertising material. This danger should be included quite deliberately in our considerations so that we do not ultimately help those who do not need help and leave those who do need help out in the rain."@en1

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