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". Green politicians are convinced that we cannot view the economic and environmental crises separately. To help the economy back to its feet we need a Green New Deal. In the automotive sector there is an enormous potential for moving in a green direction. In order to exploit that potential, however, governments must force and assist car-makers to invest in innovation. A majority in this House decided that the European Union must pump a substantial amount of money into its automotive industry. Yet writing a blank cheque is, of course, no solution. We must not subsidise old technologies that are on their way out. Instead, we must take direct action to force car-makers to invest in innovation. By doing that, you future-proof the sector and you do the millions of Europeans working in the motor industry a real good turn. The Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance proposed that money should be made available only on condition that the car industry substantially improves its environmental performance levels. Transport is responsible for around a third of all CO emissions in the EU. I voted against the majority resolution because it failed to stipulate the improvement of environmental performance as a precondition for receiving public money."@en1

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