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"Madam President, both of the reports by Mr Marinescu concern improving the organisation of air traffic in Europe. We have managed to achieve a great deal in a first reading agreement, not least because of the important and successful work of the rapporteur. This is important, particularly at a time when the airline industry in Europe and worldwide is in a difficult situation. However, we should not only be concerned about improving functionality here and now in the current crisis. We should also continue to focus on important issues from the past. These include passenger rights. Before the crisis of 11 September, we drew up a passenger regulation on the subject of denied boarding and delays, in which we deliberately used the airline industry’s need for protection as our standard and not the passengers’ need for protection. The airlines have blatantly exploited this in the current situation: the crisis, plus bad winter weather conditions. Their behaviour has been shameless. My next point concerns liquids. Many things are changing in the skies at the moment, but the old regulation on liquids still remains in place. It does not make anyone safer. It provides a few people with employment in the security checks at airports. It annoys a lot of people and as has already been said, except for an alibi, it has produced no results. Mr Tajani, you and your predecessor have assured us that this ridiculous regulation will be abolished after checks have been made to show that it does not bring any additional safety benefits. We are waiting impatiently for the regulation to be abolished."@en1

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