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"The Cohesion Policy and rural development measures come under the same principle of solidarity promoted by the European project and contribute to achieving the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy. Our analyses and the decisions which we are going to make must take into account the different levels of agricultural development across the European Union, this sector’s weighting in Member States’ economies, as well as different situations in terms of regional cohesion and development. I welcome that the final version of this report will also include my proposal to facilitate greater flexibility in the use of Structural Funds, so that they supplement rural development measures. In order to ensure the proper coordination and complementarity of the Cohesion Policy with rural development measures, Member States will have to introduce mechanisms to encourage the consistent and fair use of European funds. At the same time, the European Union must use the instruments at its disposal to monitor better the use of European funds at regional level to ensure that there is no prejudice against rural areas. This report is a first analysis of this subject, and it must be continued so that the future financial outlook ensures greater harmonisation between the EU’s measures offering financial support."@en1
"Constantin Dumitriu (PPE-DE ),"1

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