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"Allow me to congratulate my colleague, Mrs Petre, for this excellent report. There are a few points which we need to bear in mind when we are talking about European product quality: 1. Implementation of ‘qualified market access’ offers a solution for guaranteeing that the products available to European consumers, whether produced domestically or imported, meet the same standards. 2. The costs incurred by European producers in guaranteeing food safety and demands linked to cross-compliance, which should be covered by CAP funds. 3. The promotion of specifically European agricultural and food products. As I also requested in the report on the amendment of Regulation No 3/2008, the European Union’s cofinancing rate must be increased. At the same time, however, we need to simplify the administrative procedures for the system of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed and offer better protection for products with a geographical indication or designation of origin. I hope that the recommendations we are going to adopt will be implemented as soon as possible by the European Commission and Member States because we cannot afford to waste time in such circumstances when European citizens are being hit by the effects of an extremely serious economic recession."@en1

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