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"In the vote on the Report on Trade and Economic Relations with China, I voted for its adoption. China is the second largest trading partner of the EU, and the EU has been China’s largest trading partner since 2006. It is a country which is a driving force of world growth. It is very important that the trade relations of European countries with China be based, above all, on the principles of reciprocity, sustainable development, respect for environmental limits and fair competition. Development of trade relations with China should go hand in hand with political dialogue which should include the subject of human rights. China should increase efforts in the area of enforcement of intellectual property rights and address the problem connected with the production of counterfeit and pirated goods inside China. The high level of pollution caused by Chinese industry and its growing consumption of natural resources is also disturbing. The breakdown in negotiations with envoys of the Dalai Lama casts a shadow over relations with China. China should cease all forms of persecution of the Tibetan people. In order to guarantee the correct level of trade relations with China, they must be based on engagement and strategic partnership that enshrines the principles of reciprocity, fair competition and trade, according to our common values and adherence to WTO rules."@en1

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