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"Mr President, Commissioner, the European Union is a significant exporter of many agricultural products, but the future of EU agriculture will be determined by consumption in the internal market. Stimulation of this may bring benefits to farmers, consumers and whole economies. In many Member States, the consumption of food products essential for good health is not high, and its growth, by means of good information and promotion, is most desirable. However, it is important that EU farmers benefit from the programmes under discussion and, in particular, small and medium-sized farms, which comprise 95% of all farms. These programmes should enrich consumers’ knowledge of healthy eating and, at the same time, leave the choice to them. This is why it is worth taking the following steps: organising consultations with specialists in the field of healthy diet and training salespeople, who should also be consumer advisors in matters of healthy diet. Good presentation of information about the health benefits of the products being promoted, and about the way the foods are produced, is essential. Information on food labels is insufficient. This programme may be threatened by the promotion of food mass-produced by large food corporations, which can prepare effective programmes and which have the best specialists at their disposal. Except will this not then compromise the promotion of high quality foods? Legibility of the expiry date on products is also very important, as is a rise in consumer awareness of the significance of all the information which is to be found on product labels."@en1

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