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"Madam President, it will take a good while yet until the politicians understand that it is not the burning of coal, but solar activity, which causes the phenomenon of climate change. It will take even longer to convince societies, which have been brainwashed by aggressive environmental propaganda, of this truth. In view of the fact that the earth’s climate is influenced by events which take place in space, we have to agree that human attempts to influence the climate are doomed to fail. The earth has experienced periods of global warming, and an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, on numerous occasions. However, global warming has always started a dozen or so centuries before any increase in carbon dioxide levels. During a period involving dramatic drops in temperature, the cooling of the climate was never prevented by the fact that, at that point, the air contained up to 10%, or more, carbon dioxide, in comparison to today. If we acknowledged this fact, mankind would save billions of dollars by giving up pointless activities. The money saved could be spent on the fight against poverty and on new technologies. If we do not know what the deal is, then the deal is money, and emissions trading. Bravo. What a climatic masterstroke."@en1

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