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"− I greatly valued Mrs Laperrouze’s work and have therefore voted in favour of its adoption. I only hope that the ideas and indications she has supplied in her report will be adequately appraised by the Commission and interpreted in the most positive and wide-ranging way possible. I therefore hope that no obstacles will be put in the way of the quickest possible definition of projects regarding infrastructures and that they will be appraised in accordance with priorities that relate solely to development times, financial structure, available supplies and the relationship between public support and private commitment. In this connection, the presentation of the Commission’s proposals for the European Recovery Plan, with a plan for financial support for certain projects, neglects the Mediterranean area by excluding the Algeria­Sardinia­Italy natural gas pipeline (including the section within Italy) from the highest priority European projects. I still hope that within the ambit of diversification of sources and supply routes, we can make gradual progress, making use of new opportunities to start on infrastructure where it is lacking. I hope that the mechanisms of solidarity will not permit market distortions or give rise to excessively onerous procedures. I hope that the Energy Charter will be able to play a fundamental role together with the enlargement of the Energy Community, in particular, in relation to transit countries, including in the field of renewable energy sources."@en1

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