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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome the Commissioner’s remarks and hopes. Parliament has, I think, said quite clearly – and not just today – that measures on legal immigration are needed and immigration needs to be dealt with in an overall context, which does not just seek to produce punitive measures against illegal immigration. We are overdue in that respect, and of course we are not happy that the Treaties do not authorise this Parliament to enter into a codecision procedure with the Council on legal immigration. The legal basis that now constrains us to talking only about legislation to combat immigration is something that I too find frustrating, but it is the legal basis that we have to abide by. Having said that, I believe that our report today has introduced articles that genuinely protect the rights of foreign workers, even if they are illegal immigrants. I am thinking of the temporary residence permit for minors who have been exploited. I am thinking about pay: it is, at last, expressly stated that remuneration cannot be lower than that which the law recognises for all other European citizens. I am thinking of the role of the trade unions which, for the first time, can defend and represent foreign workers, even illegal ones, in administrative and civil cases. These, I believe, are all reasons why we can talk of recovered rights, a step forward and not back, and a directive that tackles a difficult and sensitive subject, but with a sense of balance to which this Parliament is particularly alert."@en1

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