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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the sexual exploitation of children is a terrible problem. It is a disgrace of today’s world and a grave sign of our decline. A sharp increase has been observed in recent times, due to the vertiginous spread of the Internet and of new and sophisticated technologies to which children are exposed and to which they have access, without any limits, rules, controls or penalties. These are now more urgently required than ever, and must be applied in an increasingly efficient and exemplary fashion. Mrs Angelilli’s excellent report, on which I warmly congratulate her, and the specific recommendations that Parliament will make to the Commission, indicate and suggest measures that can genuinely curb the spread of child pornography, online grooming of children, sex tourism and all forms of child abuse. Recent disturbing data, including a UN study on violence against children, indicate that sexual exploitation of children is rapidly increasing and that, together with people trafficking, it is becoming one of the major sources of profit and one of the fastest growing crimes at transnational level, with a yearly turnover of approximately USD 10 billion. According to an estimate by the International Labour Organisation, more than 12 million people are victims of forced labour, of whom more than 1 million are involved in sexual exploitation and between 45% and 50% are children."@en1

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