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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, obesity is becoming a serious and, I would say, major problem throughout Europe, particularly among the young. According to the experts, if we want to look after the health of our children, the best way to achieve this is to return to the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine on a daily basis, the only life insurance that financial crises can never affect. The approach of Alfonso Iaccarino, a well-known Italian chef and member of the expert committee on the recognition of the Mediterranean diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is to return to natural, simple foods and to tradition, diversity and quality in cooking. The Mediterranean diet is not just a lot of bread and pasta, it also involves movement, physical activity and lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet, based on extra-virgin olive oil and good wine, has an excellent effect on health: olive oil reduces blood cholesterol levels and wine, in moderation, has an antioxidant effect. The Mediterranean diet has helped Italians break the record for longevity in Europe and Italy leads the ranking for best body mass index, which is the relationship between height and weight. In conclusion: the Italian Senate recently unanimously approved a paper in favour of the recognition of the Mediterranean diet as heritage of humanity. I hope that the European Parliament is of the same opinion and that the Commission acts accordingly."@en1

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