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". Animal experiments represent an important stage in biological and medical research. As part of this activity, however, particular attention must be focused on the care given to the animals used for scientific or other experimental purposes. Indeed, the European Union must give an example on how to house and care for these animals. European Commission Directive 86/609 is more than 20 years old and regulates these aspects only in a vague, open-minded fashion. According to the statistics, approximately 235 million animals have been used in experiments throughout the whole of Europe during this period, with more than 12 million being killed every year in the laboratories of the European Union. Providing care involves a whole set of material and other conditions which must be guaranteed for the animals being used. Every aspect, from the trade in animals, transportation and surgery to killing and destroying the life of an animal, must be carried out in strict compliance with international and national provisions relating to the species, the category of animal and circumstances in order to prevent them, as far as possible, experiencing any physical and mental suffering. This care requires …."@en1

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