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"Another wake-up call. The current gas crisis shows once more how weak and ineffective our EU energy policy is. When under big pressure EU national governments rely, basically, on their own resources and sources. This is not surprising under the circumstances, but it shows another facet of lack of EU solidarity. This crisis also highlights what is a must for future steps in EU energy policy if we wish to have one, in reality. As for oil stocks we should develop gas storage. We need to diversify gas suppliers, supply routes and delivery mechanisms (as in the case of liquefied natural gas). The construction of the Nabucco project should be speeded up and the money for this project should be enhanced by involving the EIB in its funding. The argument that not enough gas would be available were new transport routes to be developed does not stand scrutiny. We need to develop renewable energy resources at a faster pace and save energy. Last, but not least, we need to develop cross-border energy interconnectors, so that EU Member States can help each other if need arises."@en1

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