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"In view of the threat posed by illegal immigration, Europe needs to manage its borders in a more integrated manner, as well as having a harmonised approach to the phenomenon of migration, including the management of legal immigration. Even if we accept that each Member State should have control over its own borders, in view of the situation on our eastern and southern borders, we should cooperate to share the material and human resources available, in order to combat this phenomenon. Implementing suitable border control systems would limit trans-border crime which would, in turn, contribute to increasing our internal security. In addition to measures aimed at controlling the influx of illegal immigrants, FRONTEX should also contribute to strengthening a global partnership with third countries and be responsible for making certain decisions concerning the right to asylum. Illegal immigration is also associated with the high number of deaths which occur when people try to cross borders illegally. In view of this fact, we should create all-year-round patrols in high risk areas where people are in danger of losing their lives. It is also vital to create two separate divisions, one of which would monitor the land borders while the other would monitor the sea borders, focusing particularly on the migrants’ use of routes on the eastern borders. There is also a significant need to continue training the staff involved in FRONTEX activities, with the aim of achieving greater effectiveness and higher levels of professionalism, as well as creating a shared system for exchanging information, with the aim of optimising FRONTEX’s activities."@en1

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