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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to give the following explanation of vote on behalf of the group of Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) MEPs from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We fully support the efforts to reduce significantly the contribution to climate change that is most probably made by human beings. Nevertheless, we did not support the compromise on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme negotiated between the Heads of State or Government at the weekend. Legislating in a great hurry – for that is exactly the point – is unacceptable and undemocratic, and the extremely fast legislative procedure and the fact that the Council documents were presented only a few days ago meant that, in our opinion, a professional examination and a study of the documents, and thus proper legislation, was impossible. This is all the more unacceptable considering that this legislation imposes a particularly high financial burden on the European public. According to several studies, the climate action and renewable energy package costs the European economy and the European public approximately EUR 70 to 100 billion, and there is the threat of whole industries moving to other parts of the world through carbon leakage We could not approve a package of this scope in a fast-tracked procedure. Legislative proposals as important as this must evolve in the course of a well-ordered procedure with several readings."@en1

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