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"Mr President, I should like to take up a point raised by my Austrian colleague, Mr Rübig, a little while ago. We are spending less than 1% of European Gross Domestic Product on Europe and, at the same time, requiring the EU to cope with more and more tasks for more and more Member States. This does not add up! In the light of this, it is really incredible that we have been on an economy drive for many years, one that has involved not only the economical use of our funds but also, basically, the Finance Ministers reclaiming money and channelling it into their national budgets at the end of the year. There are enough new tasks we should be spending our money on. There are also tasks to which we have not really been allocating due budgetary funds for years. The expenditure on EU information policy ought to be significantly increased if we really wish to draw European citizens closer to Europe. There are a great many tasks in the field of student and trainee exchanges in which Europe could become involved."@en1

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