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"Mr President, Commissioner, it is good that we at least agree on jointly prosecuting four common offences, but what is important in reality is that these traffic offences really are punished, not just that we say we agree that numerous offences should be prosecuted. The key problem is in fact that numerous Member States do not prosecute what needs to be prosecuted. That being so, I consider it incomprehensible – and we need to say this loud and clear – that some Member States – and they are also primarily those who do not want to punish traffic offences from other Member States – are hiding behind the legal question and the conflict of competence. What is important here is that we abide by the basic position taken in the Lisbon Treaty. In any event, what is important is that Member States should not protect their citizens from what they get up to in another Member State. This being so, I am really sorry to have to reproach the Commission – but reproach it I must – and ask why no one has ever considered instituting or at least threatening to institute infringement proceedings against the Member States which systematically fail to punish certain offences. I think that would be a reasonable approach, a very clear signal that this really is a genuine concern on the part of Europe and the European Community and I would therefore specifically advise it. A second point that is important in my opinion is why we do not also integrate candidate countries into this system? I come from a country in which there are a great many drivers from neighbouring countries which are not yet or which are barely Member States of the European Union and I consider their in our country to be totally unjustified."@en1

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