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"The European Council recently debated the legislative energy and climate change package. The main concern was the financial and economic crisis. We cannot, however, overlook the food crisis related to this. Nowadays in Europe, economically viable agriculture is a requirement for ensuring food security for its population. I understand the concerns of my fellow Member, Mr Turmes, with regard to biofuels and his opposition to the aim of using these fuels as 10% of the total fuel consumption, which is supported by the Commission. There are those who consider that energy crops are responsible for the food crisis and the rise in food prices. However, these crops account for no more than 2% of Europe’s current agricultural production. There is the risk that an unjustified increase in the production of biofuels will compete with food production. This risk can be counteracted by clearly defined legislation and by laying down precise objectives in the national action plans. We must not ignore the benefits of using biofuels, such as the reduction in dependence on fossil fuels and in greenhouse gas emissions. In countries with significant agricultural potential, like Romania, Bulgaria or Poland, using biofuels presents a viable socioeconomic alternative for developing rural areas and promoting environmental protection by utilising the potential offered through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources."@en1

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