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". The past two years have seen an escalation of agricultural produce and food prices. These changes have been felt most painfully by nations in the most difficult economic situation and countries at war. Approximately 2.1 billion people throughout the world must survive on less than two dollars a day, which means that they spend approximately 50% of their income on food. These are the people most at risk of disease and death due to the record prices of their staple foods, namely cereals such as rice, corn and wheat. This has a direct impact on the number of starving people, which increased by another 50 million in the year 2007 alone. The crisis is further intensified by the adverse impact of the climate change and by the shortage of such natural resources as water and energy. As part of our aid and attempts to address this crucial issue, we need to invest the funds intended to improve access to resources of agricultural production and services and to increase agricultural production capacity, in order to satisfy the basic food needs of developing countries. The European Union must also increase its expenditure on agriculture, since the 4% allocated to development policy so far is decidedly too little. Of equal importance is a return to the minimal regulation of international markets, to ensure supplies and at least a relative stability, in the interest of all consumers and producers throughout the world."@en1

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