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"In my view, the Commission’s proposal presents a limited number of options in terms of how financial aid can be granted as it stipulates that the initiatives should be implemented exclusively with the help of regional and global organisations. I understand the motives behind these restrictions, but I support the active involvement of all stakeholders: consumers, producers and the general public too. It goes without saying that farming conditions vary in developing countries. However, the facility needs to be adapted to specific local conditions, with a view to consolidating and streamlining markets. Small farmers need to be protected against the development of possible dominant positions on the market. Introducing this type of facility is beneficial and provides an incentive to farmers in developing countries. It is also appropriate in the context of the current global economic and financial crisis. However, I would like to emphasise the importance of the condition that funds are allocated on a supplementary basis and that this is not detrimental to development activities required in other areas. We need to strictly observe the commitments we have undertaken. We also need to protect farmers, especially those from the new Member States who still do not enjoy the same support as farmers from the other 15 Member States."@en1

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